Absolute Game Changers For A Keto Diet

Bhu Foods


So I have only tried the chocolate chip cookie dough and the white chocolate macadaemia cookie dough bars (my favorite) but HOLY CRAP! Talk about a game changer! These are amazing and completely satisfy my sweet tooth. And they are completely keto friendly! I know this picture says 6g net carbs for the white chocolate, but they have changed their recipe (just not had a chance to get out the new packaging yet) and the new one is only 3g net carbs! Plus full of healthy fat! And it is so so so tasty! As the cookie dough expert, I can tell you this is the best keto cookie dough out there. Anyone with a sweet tooth must try!


Primal Kitchen


If you are doing keto or paleo and have not checked out Primal Kitchen you are doing yourself a HUGE disservice. Stop what your doing and go order some right now. From this mayo to the green goddess dressing, everything is yummy and made with ingredients that will make your body happy.


Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles


Simple – a few minutes in the microwave. Easy – no meal prep required. And completely keto friendly. HIGH fat and low to no carb depending on which one you get. My favorite is the meat lovers. We always keep a few of these in the fridge for whenever we are in a pinch and need a quick meal.

Keto Brownie


In case you guys haven’t seen a trend emerging, I have quite the sweet tooth. Sometimes that makes keto a little difficult. These are a little higher in carbs than the cookie dough, but still very tasty. Perfect if you need a chocolaty fix. I warmed them up in the microwave (only about 8 second) and they became perfectly melty and delicious.


Quest Low Carb Pizza


Anyone who has been following me for a while knows I love Quest. This right here is their newest product that is blessing the keto world. Low carb pizza. 6g net carbs, 21g fat. Yes! And everything they make is so yummy.

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