Advice From Veteran Moms

As you guys know, I did a post previously where I interviewed moms for their wisdom and advice for new and expecting moms. If you didn’t get a chance to read the original post you can do so here: New or Expecting Moms — Read This. In that post, I noted how I got so many more responses than I ever imagined (because the mom community can be pretty awesome at times) and that I couldn’t include everyone. What I decided to do was divide the moms up into “newer” moms and “veteran” moms. Here we have the veteran moms – meaning their kids are a little bit older and they have more than one child. Take a look at what a few more years and a few more kids brings to the table..

1. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about motherhood?

Megan: “My most favorite is watching them learn new things, and the expressions on their face as they take it in. The least- not really having alone time.

Gabby: “Vomit, backtalking, and stubbornness”

Breanna: “My favorite thing about motherhood is watching my babies turn into their own person.  My least favorite thing is not knowing if I am doing good enough for them.”

2. What is one thing you wish you knew before you became a mom? What is one thing you’re glad you didn’t know?

Megan: “I wish I knew how nerve wrecking it was to let them off slowly into the world.”

Gabby: “Nothing I knew then that no child comes with a parenting guide. Everything. Each of my children are different. What works on one doesn’t work on the other. Love not knowing what each day will present. Love the way they still teach me everyday. ”

Breanna: “One thing I wish I knew before becoming a mom is that every baby is different, and grows at different paces then others. One thing I’m glad I didn’t know is the overwhelming joy that increases as they get older.”

3. What is one “mom stereotype” you have found to be true/untrue since becoming a mom?

Gabby: “True: There are mom clicks. False: Being a working mom is better, you get time from family. True: Being an at home mom is a blessing and a job!”

Breanna: “One “mom stereotype” I have found to be true/untrue since becoming a mom is wearing mom jeans. I still wear the same jeans I would not being a mom. ( I do wear yoga pants though).”

4. What is one thing you wish moms would stop being judged so harshly for?

Megan: “Breastfeeding. I wasn’t able to with my son but could with my daughter. I felt such pressures on pushing because of what others said.”

Gabby: “So many let the world and their views in their lives. Judged too harshly on how we should look! Judged to harshly on how we discipline our children. Judged on how talented our kids are from the moment they come out our wombs!”

Breanna: “One thing I wish moms would stopped being judged so harshly for is if they go out with their friends as once in a while. As long as they are responsible, and their kids are with a responsible person,  I don’t see how it is an issue for them to go out if it will help them parent better. ”

5. How has becoming a mom affected your relationships (friendships, marriages, etc.)?

Megan: “I don’t see friends as much but I don’t find it’s affected it truly I just see it as growing up.”

Gabby: “Well, I don’t notice a difference since majority of my old friends were married and mom’s before I was and now I just gravitate to those who impress me with their personality. Kids or no kids makes no difference. I do just happen to have friends around my age who have kids around my kids age.”

Breanna: “Becoming a mom affected my relationships by testing my marriage,  but making it stronger with the joy we get from our kids.”

6. Now that you know what it is like to be a mom, what is one thing you wish you could say to your mom?

Megan: “THANK YOU FOR PUTTING up with me for every challenging stages of life!”

Gabby: “Why did you give more favor to my big sisters and why did you and do you still treat my brother way differently than its girls?” “Why won’t you let my adult brother fend for himself and grow up?”

Breanna: “Now that I know what it is like to be a mom, one thing I wish you could say to my mom is thank you for always putting us kids first.”

7. What is the best way you’ve found to practice self love as a mom?

Megan: “Make sure to have a little time of the day for yourself. Mine is my work out. It makes me happy and in love with who I am once completed each day!”

Gabby: “I’m still practicing self love. Not because I’m a mom. I’ve always been a big gal and always in sports but was NEVER small like my siblings. So self love for me had to start when I was younger. Love that I love the LORD and can pray and read the scriptures for my daily help.”

Breanna: “The best way I’ve found to practice self love/self care as a mom is exercise!  It helps me have my time,  and to be able to stay active with my kids.”

8. What is one product or service you cannot live without and no other mom should either?

Megan: “Infant carrier. Life savor. If I didn’t have one of those I don’t know what the hell I would have done between traveling and shindigs and days ya just can’t put them down to clean.”

Gabby: “Scriptures. Knowing Jesus and GOD. Knowing we don’t and can’t do things on our own!”

Breanna: “One product or service I cannot live without and no other mom should either grocery pickup!  It’s amazing just shopping online and driving to the store to pick up your groceries. No more hauling kids in and out and stressing out.”

9. What is your fondest memory of motherhood so far?

Megan: “The first time my son truly looked at me and said I love you, I look forward to that with my daughter too!”

Gabby: “I find myself sitting here at different ages in their lives, just watching them. Watching how happy they are, how they help each other, what they can do, how they treat others, etc. It’s at these times I know Heavenly Father is letting me see that I’m doing a good job.”

Breanna: “My fondest memory of motherhood so far is laughing so hard because of my kids.”

10. I recently went to work and after about an hour of being at my office realized I had spit up on my shirt. My thought was “well it’s official, I’m such a mom.” Have you had one of these moments? Please share…

Megan: “There have been so many times that I have pulled toys or a sock or random trinkets out of my purse at work. Gives me a big smirk.”

Gabby: “Spit up, lack of sleep, inside out clothes, not matching socks, treating co workers like my kids, kids not in clean clothes, cleaning the restaurant table before leaving, etc.”

Breanna: “This moment for me is when your babies are sick and you go into mom mode where you catch and clean everything you would never do for anyone else.”

11. What is one piece of advice you would give to new or expecting moms?

Megan: “Take it all in. Enjoy every moment because it flies by with a blink of an eye.”

Gabby: “RELAX!! The women in your live that you hold on a pedestal are not perfect! You just don’t remember their mishaps. They’ve left kids somewhere or in cars, yelled at kids, spanked, etc. You only need to do you and not try to do what others have done before you. As time goes by, you will find yourself just automatically doing what you’ve learned from others as you’ve grown. It’s great to ask others for help, just don’t do it on social media. You’ll get more than you bargain for.”

Breanna: “One piece of advice I would give to new or expecting moms would be to take it day by , and do not compare yourself to any other mom out there.”

Let’s meet the moms:

Megan is a mom of two – an 8 year old and 1 year old. They are originally from Jersey and live in GA now. She has been with their father for 10 years. I follow this beauty on Insta and her family is adorable and so fun to watch, plus she is real and pretty funny herself. Check her out @mermaidperfection.

Gabby is 39 years old and started having kids at age 26. She has three children (2 girls and 1 boy). She recently became an at home working mom after the past 14 years of working in an office. Check out her and her beautiful family @gdebose79.

Breanna went from being a full time paralegal to a stay at home mom. She loved her job, but I didn’t want to miss out while her kids were little. She has one boy who will be six, and one girl who just turned four. Follow this fun momma @healthyactivemotivated.

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