Easy Ways I Save My Family Money

I love saving money, who doesn’t right? I can’t wait to come home and brag to my husband about how cheap my grocery haul was or the steal of a deal I got on our son’s formula. It makes me feel good and I like knowing I am saving our family money so we can spend it on other things we enjoy. Here are my easy tips to save a little money here and there which adds up so quickly:

Buy in Bulk

This applies to everyday household items – toilet paper, paper towels, bath soap, dish soap, cleaning supplies, coffee K cups, etc. Recently I purchased the big tub of dish soap at Costco – it was $7.99. I found that it filled up a normal sized Dawn dish soap bottle 8 times! Those Dawn bottles are usually $3-4 each! That’s $16-24 in savings just in dish soap!!!

Get the Target Cartwheel App

I would also recommend getting a Target Redcard (you save 5% on everything when you use it which, to me, is worth it just for that). But, the Cartwheel app also has a ton of other savings and it is not hard to use or difficult to find the deals. You literally can get everything you were going to buy and then before you go to the checkout stand you can scan the bar code into the app and it will tell you if there is a deal on that item or if there is a similar deal on another brand of the item. It’s awesome.

But what is really great for my mommas out there is Target does a deal (they’ve done it just about every month since my son was born) where if you spend let’s say $75 or $100 on baby stuff (formula, food, diapers, wipes, etc.) you get a $10, $15, or $20 Target giftcard back! That is a steal! Literally items you HAVE to buy anyway. So stock up on those diapers and get paid to do it! If you have the Cartwheel app, it will notify you anytime a sale like this is going on. Take advantage!

Similac Moms

For those of you that are moms who use formula, Similac in particular, sign up for Similac Moms. Formula is one of those things that never goes on sale because they know we always have to buy it no matter what the price is. So, at least sign up for whatever rewards programs you can for it. I’ve received $45 for formula from Similac Moms which is amazing – I’ll take whatever I can get for that expensive stuff!

Buy Generic Brands

Guys, generic and name brand items are generally the same thing! If not the same thing, they are so close that the difference is hardly noticeable. This goes for makeup, food, diapers, and just about everything in between. Whenever given the option, buy generic! It’s ok, we won’t judge you.

Sign Up For Grocery Rewards

I know no one wants to sign up for a rewards card these days because they don’t want to be spammed with emails, but I have a life hack for you… create an email address specifically for these kinds of things! Sign up for every rewards program you can and then when you are ready to shop at that store check that email for any deals. We save about $10 a month on groceries because we get points for every dollar we spend just by putting in our phone number. I literally don’t have to do anything except let them spam my email (which is set up for spam!). $10 may not seem like a lot, but everything adds up!

Limit Eating Out to Once or Twice a Week Max

My bank has this really cool feature that shows you where (in percentages of your total account balance) you spend your money. If your bank does the same, which I think most do, take a look at it. I promise you will be shocked. We spend SO MUCH money on food. Its ridiculous. So we have implemented a rule of only eating out once or twice a week (but usually just once). That means lunches are packed, dinners are meal prepped, and no random ice cream runs (which helps with the diet too). It makes a world of difference when you eat from home rather than running through the drive thru every day.

As an example there’s one meal we make pretty frequently (pork tenderloin with asparagus and mushrooms). The entire meal costs us about $10 to make and will make about 4-5 lunches or dinners. That’s $2 – 2.50/meal! I don’t know anywhere else you can get that kind of deal.

I was asked to write this post as a guest on the blog Chasing Your Passion. Stephanie started her blog to help people get the life they have always dreamed about. She writes about finances, working toward your goals and going after your dreams. You can check out her blog at https://www.chasingyourpassion.com!

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