How To Prevent Binge Eating

Binge eating is such a common issue. I don’t think people realize how common. I can’t scroll through my Instagram or get into one of my Facebook groups without hearing about it. Im guilty of it and chances are you are too. I spoke with a few ladies who struggle with binge eating and we came up with these tips of how to prevent binge eating.

Don’t let yourself get overly hungry.

Keep healthy snacks with you at all times. Don’t go too long in between meals or try to eat far less food than your body requires. When you feel hungry is when you are most likely to binge.

Divide snacks that come in larger bags (chips) into serving sizes.

This will help ensure you don’t eat the entire bag at once. If you have to keep going back to grab more, you are more likely to stop and realize what you’re doing.

Distract yourself!

Take a walk, brush your teeth, watch TV, chew gum. Anything to take your mind off the thought of food. One woman had a list of things to do when she feels like bingeing that includes organizing the closet, crocheting, and other things that need to get done around the house.

Drink water!

Staying hydrated is key! Not only will it help keep you fuller, but it also helps flush out toxins which cause cravings. Being hydrated keeps you mentally clear as well which allows you to be able to step back and realize you’re binging.

Recognize your triggers.

Boredom, certain junk foods, feeling a certain emotion – these are all common triggers for people who binge eat. Personally, I know when I’m bored and start craving something I will not stop until I get it (which usually means an entire pack of cookie dough and a box of cake batter). A few women said something about diet soda triggered them.

Don’t keep junk food in the house.

This removes triggers but also then if you do binge at least it’s on healthy foods. It’s hard to feel guilty about over eating vegetables.

Create a healthy relationship with food.

Do not put yourself on too strict of a diet. If you have a well balanced diet you will not feel the need to binge. Understand that one dessert won’t completely ruin your progress and that it is possible to just have one piece of cake and not the entire cake.

Meal prep!

Prepare yourself for success. The times when you’re hungry and have nothing prepared is when you’re likely to binge. Prepare well balanced meals for yourself so you’re never left hungry without anything decent to eat. Don’t go tot he grocery store hungry! That’s dangerous.

Try to recognize the behavior!

This is the most important advice we could give. Recognize when you are feeling like bingeing. Recognize what made you feel like that. Eventually, if you work at it, there will be times when you can recognize what is happening, you can step back, and you can convince yourself to change this behavior. Don’t feel guilty if you do binge (this will cause future binges and more triggering emotions). Just realize each day is a new day to start your binge free streak!

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