How to Get Motivated to Workout on the Days You Just Don’t Want To

You know those days I’m talking about… when the gym, a run, or your at home workout just doesn’t sound fun and you find every reason not to get it done. All the sudden your cleaning the baseboards because it HAS to get done today. Yea, we all know what you’re really doing. Here are some tips to snap out of it and get your fitness on!

Make a lit playlist.

We all have those songs that just pump us up no matter where we are or what we are doing. ‘Yeah!’ by Usher am I right? Make an entire playlist of those songs and press play!


Get some cute workout clothes. 

Nothing like some cute new workout leggings for a good excuse to head to the gym. When you feel like you look good, you will want to workout and show off your adorable new workout clothes. I know I personally always have a better workout when I feel comfortable and cute in my workout clothes.

Write a note to yourself for those days.

When you’re feeling motivated, dedicated, and inspired, write a note to yourself for these days. Remind yourself why you’re doing this, why you want this. Tell yourself to stop being a little baby if that’s what you need to hear or tell yourself you can have an extra side of fries if that’s what you need to hear. Whatever it takes.


Get a gym buddy.

A gym buddy or accountability partner will help ensure you never miss a workout. You are both depending on each other to be there and you are both responsible for holding each other accountable. Text each other as often as necessary to make sure it happens!


Old picture/ Goal picture

Keep either an old picture from where you started or a goal picture with you at all times. Look at it when you need some extra motivation. Remember why you started! Keep going!


Good old caffeine will usually do the trick.


Most importantly remember: Motivation fades, what keeps you going is dedication.

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